It Did Not Help (II Chronicles 27-28; Revelation 14)

“For Ahaz took a portion from the house of the Lord and the house of the king and of the princes, and gave tribute to the king of Assyria, but it did not help him.”  II Chronicles 28:21

Someone once said, “The true definition of insane is simply continuing to the do the same things that never have any hope of a different result.” In my life there have been those moments of insanity because of my desire to make something work when I knew it was not going to work.  However there are those things, that I know will work (Help).

Consider our More for Christ readings in II Chronicles.  Before us in chapter 28 is the life of King Ahaz.  One could say, “His life is lived in insanity.”  Maybe you would respond, “How can you say this from reading one chapter in the Bible?”

Think it through:

1.  We see Ahaz record, Vs: 1-4

Here is a king who followed the path of wicked leader.  Here is a king who sacrificed even his own son to Baal.  He is a man who opened the door to the evil that God had driven out.

2.  We see Ahaz responsibility, Vs: 5-21

This king led his people to face the judgment of God and he led his people to face the mistreatment of his own countrymen.  Finally he led his people to form unholy alliances.

At this point we see God’s footnote, “But it did not help him.”

Surely you see the insanity in all of this?  But if not, note one last thing.

3.  We see Ahaz resolve, Vs: 22-27

Instead of turning to God, the Bible records the following, “In the time of his distress he became yet more faithless to the Lord-this same King Ahaz.”  

Yes, this man was insane.  But so are many other people who live their lives without submitting themselves to God.

Our resolves:

Our resolve should be to look to another King.  This King is Jesus.  As one follows the record of His life, we see one who is sinless and faithful to the Father, I Peter 1:18-19.  As one follows the responsibility of His life, we see one who purchased our redemption, Romans 4:25.  As one follows the resolve of His life, we see one who was faithful to the end, John 17:10-19.

The person who follows Christ follows the one person that truly gives help in this life.

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