A Sad Legacy (II Chronicles 21; Revelation 9)

“He was thirty-two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned eight years in Jerusalem.  And he departed with no ones regret  They buried him in the city of David, but not in the tombs of the king.”  II Chronicles 21:20

As I read the previous verse, I stopped and thought, “Could this be possible?”  Could it really be possible that no one regretted seeing this king (Jehoram) dead?  Certainly there are those wicked people in whom the world does not regret in seeing die.  But usually there are people who loved them and regretted seeing them die.  

However, when it came to the King of Judah, the people were glad when he died.  Question, “What causes people to feel this way?”  There are several answers:

1.  The person caused much harm. They are glad the person is gone.

2.  The person was wicked to be around.  Their very presence was heartbreaking.

3.  The person was out of control.  No one saw any value in the person.

All of these thinks characterized Jehoram.  Now some would say, “It was not his fault.  God made him this way.”  Brothers and sisters, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Think it through:

1.  The King chose to walk in the path of other rebellious leaders, 21:1-11

He married the daughter of King Ahab.  He adopted his wicked ways and he led the people of Judah to do the same.  God had a different path for him to walk. He placed his father in his path to be the example.  He made the decision to walk in a different path.

2.  The King was confronted for walking in the path of rebellious leaders, 21:12-19

He received a letter from the prophet Elijah.  He was told of the coming judgment of God.  But he would not turn from his rebellion.  He and his nation would now suffer for their sin.

3.  The king would not repent from his rebellious life, 21:20

The end result:  “a life wasted and a life with a legacy that was of zero value.”

Our response:

We must decide to look to another king (Jesus) who was according to Hebrews 10:5-8 “Faithful to His Father’s will.” We must decide to follow this king in order to walk in right paths so that people can say of us, “We were surrounded by so great a cloud of witness (Heb. 12:1).

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