The Blessing of Silence (II Chronicles 18-19; Revelation 8)

“When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for a half an hour.”  Revelation 8:1

Throughout my life I have and continue to cherish, “The Blessing of Silence!”  Those who know me best know I do not like to be in places where decisions have to be made during times of great confusion.  I always prefer getting alone with God to hear from Him before a decision is made.

Here before us in Revelation 8 is one of those moments when we read of a period of 30 minutes of silence.  Consider this fact.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus is now opening the scroll.  The scroll that contains God’s plans for the end of the age and ushering in of the eternal age.  6 seals have been opened and God’s wrath is being poured out.  Chapter 8 begins with our Lord opening the last seal which is the segway for the next round of judgments.

In these judgments the following happens:

1/3 of the land on the earth is destroyed

1/3 of the sea and its wealth is destroyed

1/3 of the fresh water is destroyed

1/3 of the light is destroyed

In this moment I stop and reflect on the global destruction that awaits the people of our world.  In this moment, I have silence as I reflect.  In this moment I cry out to God, “What should I be doing?”

Think it through:

During these 30 minutes we see two things in clear focus:  1.  There are constant prayers being offered.  2.  There is clear preparations being made for the judgments to come.  Seven angels are given trumpets.

Our actions:

1.  We should be offering constant prayer to God during this time of silence before the wrath of God begins.

This moment of silence is clearly the age of grace.  We must become passionate about the grace that is being given to our world.  We need to be offering prayers of wisdom and prayers of petition for power to do His will.

2.  We must proclaim the gospel with an urgency that is focused on the shortness of the silence before us.

Our Lord could return at any moment.  The day of wrath could begin now.  I want to encourage you to cease your opportunity to not be silent while there is time!!!

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