A Needed Viewpoint (II Chronicles 16; Revelation 4)

“At once I was in the Spirit, and behold, a throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne.”  Revelation 4:1

There he stood, looking in the face of an insurmountable obstacle.  He was just a freshman.  He had only been kicking a football for 3 months.  He had never kicked a field-goal longer than 35 yards.  But now he was being asked to kick a field-goal over 50 yards.  He was defeated before he ever kicked.  But thankfully there was another person there for him.  His coach had a different viewpoint.  If he would give his best effort, the Lord would do what would bring glory to Himself.  To the shock of all there, the kick was good.

Those of you familiar with the movie, “Facing the Giants,” recognize the precious scene from the movie.  The point of the movie was simply this, “We can trust all of our giants to God because He is bigger than all our giants.”

Before us in Revelation 4 is the same needed reminder.  The giant before Gods people (Chapters 2-3) is the world which is under the sway of the enemy (I John 5:18).  The questions bearing on the minds of the original readers had to be as follows:  1.  How can we bear up under persecution?  2.  How can we share the gospel?  3.  How can we be prepared for His return?

Each of these questions were answered as they were given a needed view-point.  Here was the viewpoint:  God the Father was on the throne!

Think in through:

1.  God is on His throne, Vs: 1-2

2.  God is ruling from His throne, Vs: 3-6

3.  God is being worshipped on His throne, Vs: 7-10

4.  God will accomplish His will from the throne, Vs: 11

Brothers and sisters I have so often found the viewpoint I needed as I read this chapter.  Here is the viewpoint we need:  Our God is enthroned in heaven.  He is to be enthroned in our lives.  This day we should both bow to worship and to do His will.  Some day we will stand before His throne!!!”  

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