The Devoted Life (II Kings 17: Titus 3)

“The saying is trustworthy, and I want you to insist on these things, so that those who have believed in God may be careful to devote themselves to good works.  These things are excellent and profitable to people.”  Titus 3:8

One week from today I will be in the heart of Malawi Africa with a team of men from our church. Our purpose will be to encourage and equip the local churches with the gospel.  One of the many things we will be doing is to host a pastor’s conference.

I am always humbled by the opportunity to help other Men of God in their development as pastors.  On the of the topics that I was chosen to teach was “the character of the pastor.”  In my research, I reread some of Charles Spurgeon’s book, “Notes to my students.”  One of his illustrations haunts me today.

Spurgeon told the story of a pastor who was extremely gifted as a preacher but terribly sinful in his character.  Here is what was said of this man, “He was such a gifted speaker that no one wanted him to come out of the pulpit. However, when he was with the people, he was such a wicked man, no one wanted him to go to the pulpit.”  Brothers and sisters, this should not be!!!

This morning I found great encouragement as I read Paul’s letter to Titus.  Before us is the correct way to live a devoted life before God:

Think it through:

1.  We see the character of the devoted, Vs: 1-2

A truly devoted follower of Christ evidences behavior he or she did not have before (Vs: 3).  He or she is now submissive, kind in their speech, and humble.

2. We  see the cause for their devotion, Vs: 4-8

Here is a person who has come to understand the following:

a.  God reached out to them in mercy.

b. God redeemed them through His might.

c.  God is preparing them for ministry.

d.  God is preparing for them a mansion.

3.  We see the caution in their devotion, Vs: 9-11

A devoted person knows both what and whom to stay away from.  They give themselves over to the urgent things of God.

Taking it out for a spin:

This morning I want to encourage you to live your days in devotion to our Great and Glorious God!!!  Each day seek to evidence the character of grace.  Each day seek to avoid useless work and useless relationships. Give yourself to gospel growth.

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