Dealing with Worthless People (II Samuel 20; II Corinthians 13)

“And David said to Abishai, Now Sheba the son of Bichri will do us more harm than Absalom.  Take your lord’s servants and pursue him.”  II Samuel 20:6

It would be very difficult to live in a home where you are constantly being told, “You are worthless.”  But last evening in Celebrate Recovery, one man gave this very testimony of growing up in a home where he was daily told he was worthless.  This had long-lasting results in his life.  But something wonderful happened.

Notice with me our More For Christ readings in II Samuel 20.  David is firmly on the throne again, but there is a rebellion that is about to take place in the tribe of Benjamin.  As one walks through this chapter, it first looks like simply a retelling of events in David’s life.  However, a deeper look reveals much more.  Here are three observations:

1.  David understands the possibilities of a worthless person, Vs: 6

David has already lived through doing nothing about sin in a person’s life.  He will not go through it again.  Much in the same we need to heed this warning.

2.  Joab understands the possibilities of a worthless person, Vs: 7-21

One of the David’s commanders kills another of David’s commanders because he recognizes the worthless behavior of this leader.  Here before us, is not a recommended way of handling worthless people.

3. A wise woman understands the possibilities of a worthless person, Vs: 22-23

This woman realizes that her entire city is about to be wiped out because of the rebellion of one man.  This woman gives good advice and the man is killed and given over to David’s army.  (A very wise woman who will not sacrifice the whole for one).

Think it through:

1.  All of us are in many ways worthless people.  We are sinners in rebellion against God.

2.  If left to ourselves, we will destroy ourselves and all those around us.  I Corinthians 5, “Do you not know that a little leaven ruins the entire lump.”

3.  Only Christ can take worthless people and make them into trophies of grace.  I Corinthians 5:7, “Cleanse out the old lump that you may be a new lump.”

Praise be to our God who has made us new (II Corinthians 5:17).  This is exactly what happened to the man who gave his testimony in Celebrate Recovery last evening.  May this be our testimony as well.  

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