Romania day # 9 (Judges 13, Acts 17)

“And when they could not find them, they dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.”  Acts 17:5

This week we have been walking through the book of I Thessalonians during our morning devotions.  Each morning a different team member has shared.  For me, being prejudice, the devotion that has stood out the most was given by my daughter from chapter 2:17-3:6.  In the devotion Beth shared about Paul’s amazing God-given love for the people of Thessalonica.

Here in Acts 17 we see just how tough it was for Paul while there.  Brothers and sisters it is not always easy to show love to those who cause an uproar in our lives.  This became so real to us just yesterday as we ministered to young children from a Gypsie village.  When the children got off the bus it was clear that something was wrong with one of the children.  After disturbing the entire Bible class, a translator came and said, “the boy is drunk.”  Yes, a 12 or 13-year-old boy is drunk.  After much turmoil we had to place him in a vehicle and drive him home.  As we approached the village, I was reminded of this fact, “The world of darkness is darker than most of us imagine.”

Paul was in a dark place, but the gospel did it’s work.  It has been the same here as last evening youth responded to the gospel.  Last evening Mark Hale, one of our deacons had the opportunity to lead his first person to Jesus.  Mark said to me, “Pastor, I guess I am a seed-sower!!!”  Praise be to God for shining His light in a dark place.  Praise be to God that the darkness cannot overcome the light.

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