Romania day # 8, 2013 (Acts 16; Judges 12)

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and though shall be saved,” Acts 16:31

Imagine being one of those who were blessed to travel with Paul during one of his missionary trips.  Thankfully we do not have to imagine because Dr. Luke was there and God inspired him to write the account of each journey.  Here in Acts 16 we read how the gospel first penetrated Europe over 2000 years ago.

This morning I felt strangely at peace as sat down before my Bible.  Even though I am (As well as the team) physically exhausted, I feel spiritually refreshed.   The last 8 days have been filled with non-stop activity.  The gospel has been in our minds and has been coming forth from our lips.

Our team has ministered to hundreds of Romanian children and dozens of teenagers who have either translated before or are translating this year for our team.  I have watched as our team has labored in love to people whom they have never met before.  On Friday night Pastor John and I had the honor of preaching to about 60 teenagers who were then taught the love of God by the interaction of our team.

The team has encouraged and equipped our missionaries on the field.  The team has given renewed hope to the many churches in the area.  Both John and I have travelled over a 1,000 Romanian miles speaking in many different churches.  We both are so thankful for the men on our team who have traveled with us and given their testimonies.  Yesterday John spoke in two different churches and I had the opportunity to speak in three different churches.

One in particular stands out.  I was sitting on the platform with Jonathan Rideout.  He was singing and I was preparing to preach.  I was so tired until I noticed the crowd who had come. They had spent all day in the fields and they were hungry because they came straight from the field.  But to look at them, the only hunger you saw was for the Word to be taught.  They focused on every word that came from my lips.  This must have been the way it was as Paul and Silas shared the gospel with the Philippian Jailor and his family in Acts 16.  Throughout the message the people openly wept and they openly praised God.

Oh that when we return home that we would see this kind of power in the gospel.

Today, we spend a tough day ministering to a gypsy village and then an evening service with the teenagers of another village.  May the gospel go forth in great power and glory.


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