Saturday In Romania (July 27, 2013)

This is a day that we will never forget because this is the day that the Lord has made.  We rejoice in this day because it is His day in which He will accomplish His glory.

So far on our journey we have accomplished the following:

1.  Conducted a 3 days VBS with 2 villages

2.  Conducted services in 4 different churches

3.  Conducted a youth meeting with about 60 village teenagers

4.  Spent time encouraging and equipping translators and missionaries


Still to come:

All days Pastors conference today

Two VBS villages still to do VBS in (Gypsie groups)

4 churches till to preach in

Future strategy sessions with the pastors of the community

1 more evening of youth meeting with the Kids.

Thanks for your prayers.  We have seen people come to Christ and we have seen the churches be strengthened.  Still no one sick after 5 days (Praise be to God)


One Response to “Saturday In Romania (July 27, 2013)”

  1. David Chrisman Says:

    Amen, brother – still praying for yall!

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