This is Good Stuff (Deuteronomy 31; Psalm 119:97-120)

“How sweet are you words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth,” Psalm 119:103

Recently I received a copy of a book entitled, “The Insanity of God.”  Needless to say the book was GOOD STUFF.  But if you had seen me while I was reading this book and even now you might make the following observation, “This is what Good stuff does to a person.”

The book is about the persecuted church.  I am forever altered by what I have read.  Things that I have struggled with for years have been solved for me.  But the result of these struggles have brought, as I said to one of my brothers in Christ, “Miles and miles of repentance.”  I recommend the book to you, it is good stuff.

However, there is a book that I recommend even more, “It is the Bible.”  Psalm 119 teaches us of the great value of the Word of God.  In our particular section of reading for today we concentrate on verses 97-120.  Notice the good stuff in these verses:

1.  God’s law gives us great understanding, Vs: 97-104

This understanding humbles us as we have been given knowledge that helps us overcome our enemies.  We have been given knowledge that is greater than earthly teaching.  We have been given knowledge that helps us overcome our enemies.

2.  God’s law is a lamp and light to our path, Vs: 105-112

Because of God’s Word we can walk in the light and bypass the darkness.  Romans 6:12-23 gives us a great picture of this truth.

3.  God’s law gives us daily hope, Vs: 113-120

According to God’s promises we now have life, Vs: 116.  According to God’s promises we are held on solid ground in a sinking world, Vs: 117.

Praise be unto God for his Good Stuff!!  Because of Christ we do not have to fear the law.  In Christ we can delight in the law because it gives us the way to live now that we are recipients of grace!!!

Question, “Are you getting the good stuff?”  If not consider setting a table each day where you can get alone with God and read his Word.  It will be the best meal of your day.

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