A Clear Word (Deuteronomy 29; Psalm 119:49-72)

But to this day the Lord has not given you a heart to understand or eyes to see or ears to hear,”  Deuteronomy 29:4

Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments,”  Psalm 119:66

There he stood, he seemed to be greatly confused.  I approached this man to see if I could help him.  It was as I expected, he could not remember where he parked his car.  So, I tried to help him.  But it was the blind leading the blind.  He could not tell me much about his car.  All he could say was, “It is a red car.”  Finally, he remembered more details and we found the car.

Brothers and sisters, there are days when our lives feel like the scene above.  Here we are looking for answers and all we see are miles and miles of words but no clear word.  As Moses spoke to the new generation in Israel, it was against the backdrop of God’s clear Word to them.  Here is God’s Word through Moses:

1.  God has worked for you and you do not know it, Vs: 1-8

2.  God will work for you if you will obey him, Vs: 9-28

3.  God alone knows what the future holds, Vs: 29

The clear Word was simply this, “If you obey me, you will walk in safety now in the days ahead.  But if you do not obey me, tragedy lies ahead.”

In Psalm 119 we see the importance of knowing and obeying the Word.  In Vs: 49-72 we realize how that God’s Word gives the following:

Vs: 50, The Word gives life

Vs: 55-56, The Word brings comfort

Vs: 66-72, The Word leads us to a place of commitment

Vs: 72, The Word becomes the cherished possession in our lives.

Brothers and sisters, this is the clear Word we need. However we must be reminded that sin separates us from the clarity of the Word.  We must seek to walk in fellowship and in holiness before our God.  As we do the Word of God becomes clear.

Dear Father, forgive me of any sin in my life.  Help me to hear and understand your life-giving word.  May I cherish the Word every hour of every day!!!”

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