That’s all he talked about (Deuteronomy 26: Psalm 117-118)

“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation,”  Psalm 118:14

It was all he talked about.  He could not get it off of his mind.  Whenever you would see him, you knew the subject was about to be talked about.  This was the commentary of a family member of someone who became a Christ follower.  It became so intense that one family member commented, “We will see if he is this zealous six months from now.”

Question, “What do you and I find ourselves occupied with?”  This morning we discover the Psalmist occupied with praise to our Father for two things:

I.  He praised God for providing salvation, Vs: 19-24

II.  He praised God for protecting his salvation, Vs: 5-13

As I read this chapter it was clear that praise was always on his lips.  We see this in Vs: 1-4, 15, 26-29.  As you read Deuteronomy 26 you quickly discover a people who became givers because of their praise to God.

Question, “Is our praise for real?”  Often people’s praise is only in the good times.  For example, when Jesus was entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday the people began to praise him.  They quote from this very Psalm, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Vs: 26

Genuine praise happens in both good times and in bad times.  Genuine praise comes as a result of being occupied with Jesus.  We see this in Paul’s life as he writes to the Romans.  “I am under obligation.”  

Today, I am convinced that I am saved and that He is able to save all people who will come to Him.  This is the passion of my life.  This must be the passion of the church.

This was the passion of the person I wrote about in the beginning of this blog.  6 months did pass and Jesus was still all he talked about.  1 year passed and 2 years past, still talking about Jesus.  Now 35 years have passed and he is still talking about Jesus.  May it be the same in our lives.


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