Lifted up and pulled down (Numbers 31; Psalm 75-76)

“The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Avenge the people of Israel on the Midianites.  Afterward you shall be gathered to your people,”  Numbers 31:1-2

“But it is God who executes judgment, putting down one and lifting up another,” Psalm 75:7

Years ago I had the honor of sharing Christ with Bobby and his wife.  That day, God opened both of their hearts to the gospel.  God brought this couple into the fellowship of our church and we severed with them until God called his wife home. Afterwards he moved to another state.  Bobby was a guy who did amazing things even though he had polio since childhood.   Bobby grew up in a poor family where he and his brother shared the same bed.  Bobby said to me, “Pastor, I used to often wonder how on the night that I contracted polio that I got it but my brother did not.”

Question, “Have you ever wondered the why of God’s choices?”  In Psalm 75 we are reminded that it is God who choses to lift up and pull down, because he is the judge.  The wicked are pulled down as they drink the cup of God’s wrath.  The redeemed are lifted up, only because Jesus drank that bitter cup for them. (II Cor. 5:21).

We must become a people who praise God for the blessing of being able to believe.  All of humanity is born under the wrath of God.  For those who respond to the gospel’s call, there is a great lifting through the power of the cross.  In this moment, there is the recognition that God lovingly calls all men to be lifted up because of Jesus being lifted up on the cross.

I can still remember my friend Bobby as he rejoiced in God’s blessing in his life.  His polio was a temporary problem. However his eternal state was one of a lifting up for the glory of the Lord.  May this same mindset fill you as you face this day in a pulled down world.  Child of God the best is yet to come!!!

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