Then Will My Soul Rejoice (Numbers 1; Psalm 35)

“The Lord spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai…” Numbers 1:1

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord, exulting in his salvation,”  Psalm 34:9

Last week John (my youngest son) traveled with me to North Carolina for a revival that I was leading.  While there John looked at me and said, “You are a great dad.”  A few hours later when he did not get what he wanted, he said, “Your status as a great dad is in jeopardy.”  Inside I laughed but at the same time I was reminded of our readings for the day.

The book of Numbers tells the story of God’s faithfulness to Israel during her days of wandering in the wilderness.  Again and again we see God’s faithfulness and man’s unfaithfulness.  The book of numbers reminds us of our desperate need of God’s grace.

In Psalm 35 David asks God the following: “Be my salvation.”  For this to happen the enemy must be both subdued and destroyed.  When this happens David will praise the Lord with his soul.

Also in this Psalm we find David testifying of God’s mercy in extending grace, Vs: 12-14.    Finally David clearly understands, “Man can only be vindicated by the righteousness of God.”   

At best people like me (fall short of the glory of God).  We can never have joy in ourselves, our joy is in Christ.  When we fully understand Christ, we come to a true place where we can rejoice in the Lord.  When we rejoice in God we will not lose our joy when we fail others and others fail us.

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