What Comes Next? (Leviticus 14; Psalm 17)

“And the priest shall offer the burnt offering and the grain offering on the altar.  Thus the priest shall make atonement for him, and he shall be clean”  Lev. 14:20

As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness,”  Psalm 17:15

There are days when it seems that with every movement things get harder and harder. On these days people sometimes begin to wonder, “What will happen next?”  Still there are other days when with every movement things get easier and easier.  On these days people also wonder, “What will happen next?”  In the first case people are looking for the hammer to fall.  In the second case people are looking for the blessings of heaven.

How would you respond if I told you the following, “In both cases we find the blessings of heaven.” Consider our More For Christ readings:

In Leviticus 14 we find God’s prescribed method for the cleansing of lepers.

Here we find a great reason to rejoice because our Lord cleanses the lepers spots.  We see this illustrated in Mark 1:41-44 as Jesus heals a leper.  We are all born as spiritual lepers.  We all need the touch of Christ.  As things get worse in our lives we realize even more our need of Christ (So the tough days are a gift from the Lord).

In Psalm 17 we find David’s prayer to the God who has him as the apple of his eye.

David reminds us of God’s power in the life of those who follow God.  David brings his cause before the Lord.  David choses to enter God’s court with those who are continuing to levy charges against him (17:9-12).  Notice what David reminds us of:

1.  Only God can vindicate a man (Vs: 2-5)

Our God tests our hearts.  Our God teaches us about our wrongs and he vindicates us in his righteousness.

2. Only God gives true refuge (Vs: 6-8)

3.  Only God could give us a future (Vs: 15) 

David reminds us of the fact of great difficulties in our lives, but at the same time he reminds us of the reality of what comes next.  There will be a day when we are before our Lord in heaven.  In that day we will celebrate the victory we have in Christ.

This is why both types of days fill us with joy because we know the best is yet to come.  For further reading, I John 3:1-3 WOW

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