Rest My Brethren (Exodus 31; John 10)

“It is a sign forever between me and the people of Israel that in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.”  Exodus 31:17

“My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch the, out of the Father’s hand.”  John 10:29

Recently I was talking with a brother in our church who words for the Ford Motor Company.  In the midst of our conversation he said, “I worked 60 hours this week and that did not include the hours of driving to and from work.”  When I figured that time and the time he spends at the church, I came up with 76 hours.  My brother stands in need as do most who read this blog, “Of rest and refreshing!”

In Exodus 31 we find two lines of thought:  First there is the ability to work (Vs: 1-11).  This ability is given to us by God and we should work and worship for his glory. Second, there is the ability to rest (Vs:12-18).  God prescribed a time of solemn rest for his people.  We too need to follow this method of taking time to rest before our God.

When we come to the New Testament, John 10, we come to a study about the only one who can give us true rest.  In Christ we can both rest from and in our work.  I hope you will give time to this chapter.  I am going to list 5 self-disclosures of Jesus from John 10:

1.  The Salvation in Christ, Vs: 1-6

2. The Sufficiency of Christ, Vs: 7-10

3.  The Faithfulness of Christ, Vs: 11-14

4.  The Sovereignty of Chris, Vs: 15-25

5.  The Security of Christ, Vs: 26-30

Brothers and sisters, as we look and understand Christ we find the secret to rest. We can rest our minds in knowing that in whatever we face, Jesus is the victor.  We can rest our bodies because we know that Christ is the provider of all we need.  We can rest our souls because we know Jesus is the source and keeper of our salvation.

So brothers and sisters come alone before Jesus and rest!!!

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