They Are All So Different (Exodus 15; Luke 18)

“I will sing to the Lord, for he  has triumphed gloriously; the horse and rider he has thrown in the sea,” Exodus 15:2

And He told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart,” Luke 18:1

When it comes to people, “we are all so different.”  We have our unique DNA and we have our unique look as well as our unique personalities, but at the same time we are all so the same.  Each of us are born with the same nature (sinful and in rebellion against God) and we each are desperate for a Savior (Jesus Christ).

In Exodus 15 Moses praises his God for delivering he and his people from the pursuit of Pharaoh and his army.  The Lord triumph’s gloriously in their lives.  But before the chapter ends the people are complaining about their tough moments.  Oh how we are all the same.

In Luke 18 we see Jesus encounter with no less than five different people:

1.  The one who faithfully prays, Vs: 1-8

2.  The one who has foolish pride, Vs: 9-17

3.  The one who has a flawed perspective, Vs: 18-26

4.  The ones who failed to perceive, Vs: 31-35

5.  The one who felt the power of God, Vs: 36-43

As you study this chapter you discover the diversity in men’s thoughts, but at the same time you discover the unity in men’s thoughts.  These people were facing life’s toughest moments and they were seeking answers.  Some looked to themselves and others looked to Christ.

In the end, all of life boils down to two roads (One looks to Christ and the other looks to self).  This self can be man-made Gods or it can be man himself.  Today I chose to stand with those who chose to look to Christ.  They receive mercy and they receive sight to live in the correct way headed in the correct direction.  Oh how I pray that you do the same.

For further reading consider Psalm 146

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