The God who loves you (Exodus 12:21-51; Lk. 15)

And the Lord had given the people of Israel favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so they let them have what they asked. Thus they plundered the Egyptians.” Exodus 12:36

“Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him.”  Luke 15:1

“I love you,” came the reply from a son who received a gift that was both a surprise and a special gift.  The young man responded in the most significant way possible, “Dad I love you!”  Question, “When was the last time you said to your heavenly Papa, “I love you?”

In Exodus 12 the Children of Israel had every reason to cry out, “I love you.”  One of the deep abiding blessings of the Passover is in its reminder to cry out to God in love because of the sacrifice of His Son for the redemption of His people.

In Luke 15 we see three pictures of how much God loves us:

1.  The picture of the God who rescues lost sheep, Vs: 1-7

Jesus came to seek and save the lost, Luke 19:10

2.  The picture of the God who retrieves what is lost, Vs: 8-10

The light of the world (Jesus) shines in dark places, John 8:12 to retrieve that which is lost in the dark.

3.  The picture of God who restores his wayward children, Vs: 11-24

Yes, God allows us to go it alone.  Yes, God allows us to suffer in our wrong decisions.  Yes, God does bring us to our senses.  Yes, God does make atonement for our sin so that we can be forgiven (Kill the lamb). In all of this the Father is reaching out to us!

Question, “Have you received his rescuing, his retrieving, and his restoration?”  If so, spend time telling him how much you love him.  If you have not received these things, then you are like the older brother (Vs: 25-32) who refuses to give these things or to receive these things.  His life is a bitter mess!!!

But thanks be unto God that this does not have to be our lives.  On this Friday I praise my Lord for loving me and for causing me to love those around me.  God help me to love you more and more every day!

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