The Voice We are Desperate To Hear (Exodus 3, Luke 6)

“When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, ‘Moses, Moses,”  Exodus 3:4

And He lifted up his eyes on his disciples and said; ‘blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,'”  Luke 6:20

My phone said, “one voice mail,” but I could not get the voicemail to play.  I tried over and over to get it to play.  To add more frustration, I received a text from the person who had sent me the voicemail.  Here was their text, “Did you listen to my voice mail?”  At this point I grew very concerned that the message had great value.

Question, “When God speaks, through His Word, do you have a great concern for the value of his message?”  It seems that people are more and more concerned with the knowledge that comes through men and less and less concerned about the knowledge that comes from God.

Consider two passages:

1.  In Exodus 3, God speaks to Moses

Moses turns to see the one who speaks (The All-consuming God), Vs: 1-6.  Moses has reverence before this all-consuming God, Vs: 7-22.  But at the same time, Moses has not learned to trust the voice that speaks to him.

2.  In Luke 6, Jesus speaks to His disciples

In this extended time (Sermon on the Mount), Jesus addresses 5 areas of their lives:  A. The attitudes God blesses, Vs: 20-23, B.  The attitudes God does not bless, Vs: 24-26, C.  Our attitude toward our enemy, Vs: 27-36,  D.  Our attitudes in relationships, Vs: 37-38, and finally E. God’s assessment of our righteousness, Vs: 39-44.

In both these passages we come away with a clear picture of how we are to respond to the voice of God:  “We are to respond with sensitivity to his voice and we are to respond in surrender to his voice.”

His voice directs us to solid paths with a sure future.  But we must be sensitive toward the voice.  What would have happened if Moses would have ignored the voice?  What will happen if we ignore His voice?  In both cases all who hear will end up on slippery paths that have sure failure ahead.

Listen to the voice of God!!!

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