Going In and Coming Out, Genesis 29, Matt. 28)

“And in the morning it was Leah!  And Jacob said to Laban, “What is this you have done to me?”  Did I not serve with you for Rachel?  Why then have you deceived me?”  Genesis 29:25

“Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified, for He has risen.”  Matthew 28:6

Years ago I heard a pastor describe the trials of life as follows: “Either you are going into, standing in, or coming out of a trial.”  This is an amazing description of our lives.  Question, “where are you in this process of life?”

In our More for Christ readings we see two parts of this description. Jacob is going into some deep trials (Genesis 29).  His trials are of his own making.  God will use these trials to get his attention and to alter his life.  Jesus is coming out of a deep trial (The grave.)  His trial came as a result of becoming the sacrifice for man’s sins.  His trial was all as a substitutionary sacrifice for sins.  His victory is a guarantee of our victory over trials.

Question, “In whom do you more readily identify?”  In all of our lives we identify with Jacob in the fact that we are sinners.  In each follower of Christ life we see trials of faith.  We are certainly not facing trials to be saved.  We are suffering trials because we are saved.

We identify with those who have experienced the power of the empty tomb.  We identify with those who have been given the assignment of giving witness of the empty tomb.  Our goal is to make disciples of all people.

These people could either be going into or coming out of trials.  We must reach them at their point of need.  Jesus has promised to walk with us through these trials.  So let us all, whether we are going into our coming out of trials, got forth and make disciples.

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