The Last Week Pt. V (Genesis 26; Matthew 25)

“And these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.” Matthew 25:46

Often we read scripture with a detached mindset.  Here is what I mean, “Often we read about people’s lives, such as the story of Isaac in Genesis 26, and we fail to consider the same drama in our own lives.”  We look at others and we wonder why they do what they do, without ever considering that we do the same things.

Let’s look at an example, “Matthew 25.”  Jesus is teaching about His Second-Coming!”  The first 30 verses contain two parables.  They teach us two principles of living:

1.  Be prepared for His coming, Vs: 1-10

2.  Be productive while you wait, Vs: 11-30

As we read these verses we think about those people in that day.  If we are not intentional we will fail to draw conclusions for our own lives.  Beginning in Vs: 31 we see those who took to heart what Jesus said.  They were both prepared and productive.  Because of this they are blessed to enter heaven with great reward.

However, there were those who were not prepared and they were not productive.  The end result was the punishment of hell.  Brothers and sisters I am greatly challenged personally by this text.  I must live every day with a passion to bring people to Jesus.  He could return this very day.

Brothers and sisters, this could be the day, week, or month Jesus comes for you. Oh how I pray that you would be prepared and that Jesus would find you productive when He comes.

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