The Last Week Pt II (Genesis 23, Matthew 22)

“The field and the cave that is in it were made over to Abraham as property for a burying-place by the Hittites,” Genesis 23:20

“Where should we bury you?”  These were the sobering words a grieving husband asked his wife just days before her death.  It was that time of life, she had lived a good life and God had done many wonderful things in her life.  But now it was time for her to go the way of all who live on the earth, “It is once appointed unto man to die…”  

Certainly this could have been how it was for Abraham and Sarah as she came to the end, but we really do not know.  One thing is for sure, she died.  Abraham  then purchased a burial-place for her in the land that some day had been promised would be Israel’s. What faith he had in the promise of God.  But even greater, we have the promise of a resurrected body that will live in the greater promised land called heaven.

How could this be?  The answer comes to us from Jesus work on the cross.  In His death, burial, and resurrection we have freedom from sin, freedom from wrath, and freedom from eternal death.  We have life in his name (John 1:5).

Here in Matthew 22 we are reminded of the righteousness that Christ imparts to those he calls to his kingdom (Matthew 22:1-14).  He clothes us in what we could never be clothed with on our on!  Because of this we have every reason to love God and to reach out in love to our neighbor (Matt. 22:37-28).

Today, you could be facing a tough prognosis, but be assured his power is greater.  Even if death comes (John 11:24-25) we rejoice because we bury others and we are buried by others in hope of the resurrection.

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