Which Kingdom is Yours? (Genesis 19, Matthew 18)

“Therefore the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who wished to settle accounts with his servants.”  Matt. 18:23

Brothers and sisters, “Our days are fast and often filled with activity that will some day be judged by God.”  No new truth here, but needed truth in these days of elevated activity because of all our modern technological advancements.  This morning I felt great conviction as I read both of our selected readings.

In Genesis 19 we see both a man of God and men of ungodliness.  The man of God is delivered and the men of ungodliness are destroyed.  Question, “If you had lived in that city, would you have noticed a difference in the way the one man lived versus the way the other men lived?”  The answer is yes!

In Matthew 18 we see a detailed discourse between Jesus and His disciples.  This discussion centers on a question, “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God?” Really, whose life reflects the Kingdom of God?  In Jesus answer we discover life in the kingdom:

1.  Life in the kingdom begins with salvation, Vs: 1-4

Notice the importance of repentance (turn) and reception (heart of a child).  Jesus gives us a footnote (Vs: 5-6) about those who would hinder this process.

2.  Life in the kingdom continues with sanctification, Vs: 7-9

3.  Life in the kingdom centers on seeking the lost, Vs: 10-14

4.  Life in the kingdom is committed to sincere discipline, Vs: 15-20

5.  Life in the kingdom is characterized by forgiveness, Vs: 21-35

At this point I challenge you to look back at the previous headings.  Spend time in the text of God’s Word.  After doing so, ask yourself this question, “Does my life reflect this type of living?”  Now ask yourself another question, “Are there things that I need to change so that I can reflect kingdom living?”  Finally, one last question, “Am I really in God’s kingdom?”  If not, follow the path outlined in Matthew 18:1-4.

Brothers and sisters, what a great honor to be called to the Kingdom and what a great honor to be God’s mouth peace in calling others to the Kingdom!

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