Grace and Wrath (Genesis 18:1-19:38)

“For I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring Abraham what he has promised him.”  Genesis 18:19

The title of our blog for today could possible seem strange to you?  However, it is very important that you see the beauty and majesty of its truth.  Both grace and wrath play a vital part in your salvation.

For the last few days we have been looking at the life of Abraham.  Here is a guy who is called by God to follow him (Genesis 12:1-3).  We have seen grace at work through the ups and downs in Abraham’s life as he strives to, by faith, walk in the promises of God.

As we come to chapters 18 and 19 we discover both the grace and the wrath of God:

1.  We see God’s grace given to Abraham, Genesis 18

God declares: “I will surely revisit you this time next year (Your wife will have a son).”

God declares: “Is anything too hard (wonderful) for God.”

God declares:  “I am going to pour out my wrath on Sodom.”

In this moment Abraham pleads for mercy.  God makes clear that he is a merciful God.  If even 10 were righteous in the city he would spare them.

In this moment we must gain theological truth: “God’s wrath is coming to a rebellious people.  At the same time God’s grace is extended to repentant people.”

1.  We see God’s wrath given to Sodom, Genesis 19

Genesis 19:4 gives us insight, “Every man of the city was corrupt.”  In this moment we understand God’s wrath.  But we also see grace in this moment:

God speaks to Lot and his family:

1.  Lot, get out of this city with your family.

2.  Mrs. Lot, don’t look back.

3.  Lot’s children, “Don’t allow Sodom’s ways to direct your life.”

At the end of this chapter we find these words, “God remembered Abraham and spared Lot.”  Brothers and sisters do you see it?  Do you see both grace and wrath?  The only reason you and I are delivered from the wrath of God is because of Christ sacrifice for our sins.  He took our wrath and extended grace to us, II Cor. 5:21, Hebrews 7:24-25, I John 2:1-2.

Lord, I praise you for grace and I praise you for the victory we have in your name.  I would never understand the height, depth, and width of your love apart from a true understanding of your wrath.  


One Response to “Grace and Wrath (Genesis 18:1-19:38)”

  1. marc mullins Says:

    Helpful blog today pastor, I am starting a series on Wednesday “the Gospel in Genesis” … You hit the nail on the head. Apart from grace, God’s righteous wrath could have shortened the bible to just the 1st 3 chapters…. But God-

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