Betrayal, Blessing, and Bottom Line (John 13:21-14:10)

After saying these things, Jesus was troubled in his spirit, and testified, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.'” John 13:21

12 days from today we will celebrate Christmas.  Certainly your life is most likely very busy?  The bussiness of this season is very much a trap.  The trap I am speaking about is the trap of not being able to see the true meaning of Christmas.  This morning I challenge you to look closely at our More For Christ readings.  They remind us of the bottom line of why Jesus came:

1.  The scene of betrayal, 13:21-30

After Jesus washes his disciples feet in the Upper-room we find this scene. Jesus makes a starting statement, “One of you will deny me this night.”  Here we spot Judas for the last time rejecting the grace of God.  At this moment he becomes a willing agent of Satan.  John comments, “And it was night.”  Certainly the depravity of man has caused this world to be a dark place.

2.  The scene of blessing, 13:31-35

Here we see the glory of God revealed in Jesus going to the cross.  We also see the grace of God being revealed as Christians reveal true love in their relationships with each other.

3.  The scene of the bottom line, 13:36-14:10

Here we discover, even the disciples will betray Jesus.  Again we are reminded of the betrayal of humanity.  Every man lives in betrayal of God through his rebellion.  But our Lord blesses us with the cross.  Jesus came to remove the penalty and power of sin.  Jesus has returned to heaven to prepare a place for those who believe in Him.  Jesus proclaims, “I am the way!!!”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, “We are all broken people who have betrayed the God who created us.”  But thanks be unto God that Jesus came as God’s gift of a second chance.  This Christmas season we celebrate Jesus coming.  Praise be unto God.  May this be the bottom line of our celebrations this Christmas season.

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