What Do You Know? (John 6:41-71

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is of no help at all.”  John 6:63

“You are no help at all.”  This statement was made by a friend who was being needled by another friend.  In this instance the friend was just having fun with their friend about something that really wasn’t very important.  However, there are many moments when situations in life are very important.

Consider John chapter 6.  The question before those who engaged Jesus is this, “Who has the words of eternal life?”   Jesus has boldly proclaimed of himself, “I am the bread of life.”  To those of us who know Christ, this statement makes complete sense because in Christ alone do we have that which gives us life!!!  But for others it made no sense to them. So what made the difference?  Stay tuned for the answer.  Notice a simple outline of our text:

1.  The sinful side (The flesh) is of no help, Vs: 41-58

Many in this debate could not wrap their minds around what Jesus was saying.  Notice a description of how their flesh was at work: 1) They grumbled, Vs: 41.  2) They were slinging mud, Vs:42.  3) They were groping in the dark, Vs: 44-48. 4)They were greatly mistaken, Vs: 52-58.

2.  The Spiritual side (The Holy Spirit) is of great value, Vs: 60-71

Here we see a much smaller group of people.  But notice the difference in these people: 1) It is clear that they are followers of Christ.  2) It is clear that they knew whom to follow.  These were those who would walk all the way with Jesus.

The difference between these people is clear in what they know.  So what makes the difference?  The Holy Spirit!!!  Brothers and sisters the wisdom you and I have is the result of the Spirit’s work.  This day, I challenge you to praise our great and merciful God who has blessed us to see and to know.

I also challenge you to share what you know with those who do not know.  If not for grace, you and I would still not know.  Sow the seed and trust the Lord to open the hearts and minds of people just like you and I.

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