What’s the Sign For? (John 6:1-21)

“And a large crowd was following him, because they saw the signs that he was doing on the sick.”  John 6:2

Recently I saw a sign that said, “Lodging, turn right.”  Underneath this sign was another sign that said, “State prison.”  Do you see the laughter here?  Signs have great importance in our lives.

In John chapter 6 Jesus performs a sign.  We are familiar with this sign, “The feeding of 5000.”  But do we really know what the sign was for? In John’s writing’s we actually find 7 signs and they all have the same purpose.  They point us to Jesus glory in different parts of His ministry.  Here the sign is to point us to this great fact, “He is the bread of life.”

Our Lord and Savior is the one whom we look to for life (True and lasting life).  Now it is important that we always understand the signs given to us by John.  In these we grow in our understanding and love for Christ.

This day, I encourage you to spend some time thinking through all the implications of Jesus being, “The bread of life.” Here is a start, “The life we have in Christ is substance for this moment and for every moment throughout eternity.”  I found this to be so real in Psalm 90.   For more implication read the rest of John 6.

Praise you oh God for being, “Our Bread of Life.”

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