Counter-cultural living (Galatians 1)

“Who gave himself for our sins to deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.” Gal. 1:4-5

“Wow, that was different.”  These words were spoken by guy number 66 in line at McDonald’s a few months ago.  What this guy did not know what that earlier on in the morning, 66 cars ahead, a guy simply said to the lady who was receiving his payment for his drive through order, “I want to pay for the person behind me.”  This set off a deal that last for over two hours.  This guy was number 66 in line that had his meal paid for.  Wow, is right, so counter-cultural.

This morning we being a new book in our More for Christ readings.  The book of Galatians. The epistle is Paul’s answer to the problem of salvation by grace verses salvation by man’s own merit.  Many have correctly identified this book as the great treaties on the doctrine of justification.  Here is a suggested outline of chapter 1:

I.  Jesus gave himself, Vs: 1-4

Our Lord gave himself for our sins.  Our Lord delivered us from the pain and penalty of sin.

II.  Man distorts himself, Vs: 5-10

Humanity does not want to admit that he or she is spiritually bankrupt. Humanity does not want to admit he or she is total unable to save oneself.  Mankind wants to retain part of his self-worth.

III.  Paul submits himself, Vs: 11-24

Paul admits his inability to save himself.  He glories in the gospel.  The gospel is God’s Word, Vs: 11-12.  The gospel is God’s work, Vs: 13-17.

Paul’s life was forever changed by the gospel.  This gospel came to Paul because God has chosen to open his eyes.  Paul’s life would now be lived in a counter-cultural way as he would model his Savior in giving his life to serve others for the sake of the gospel.

Sadly enough the number of people who received free food ended at 66.  This guy was amazed at what happened, but he had no thought of giving grace to the person behind him. How tragic that men cannot live counter-cultural.  This is why we even more glory in our Savior.  He alone can save and He alone can place us on a different path.  Praise God for His amazing grace!

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