And Important P.S. (Romans 16)

“I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.”  Romans 16:15

His comments were encouraging and uplifting until the “P.S.”  This was my summation of a persons comments to me at half-time of a basketball game that I was officiating at Southern Seminary.  This person was so uplifting about how he enjoyed how the game was called. But just before he went back to the bench he commented, “But you missed two walking calls.”  Sometimes the P.S. of life can be discouraging.

Here in Paul’s concluding remarks to the Romans we find a very encouraging P.S.  Paul begins his P.S. with and aggressive word, “Appeal.”  This words speaks to the importance of what he is about to tack on to this letter.  Here is what he tacks on:

1.  Avoid disunity, Vs: 17-19

There will always be people who’s P.S. bring disunity in the church.  They divide, cause obstacles, and teach false doctrine.  Their goal is self-glorification.  They prey on people who are naive to think that everyone is seeking to lift up Christ.  Paul’s strong appeal leads us to understand that we must choose our friends carefully.  We must see them in action and we must test their understanding of God’s Word.

2.  Avail yourself with discernment, Vs: 19-27

Every Child of God needs to know the difference between what is good and what is evil.  Every Child of God needs to know they have victory over the enemy through Jesus Christ.  Every Child of God needs to know where their strength comes from.

When we have discernment we both avoid distractions and we avail ourselves with joyous discernment that leads us to praise the only true God forever!

So here is our takeaway:  1.  Seek to avoid the daily P.S. that would take you away from loving God and being led by God.   

2.  Seek God’s wisdom in understanding the P.S. that come from God’s Word.  They are there to give you the strength you need for this present hour.  Get into His Word and experience the glorious P.S. 


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