A Judgment Call (Romans 14)

“Each one must be fully convinced in his mind.”  Romans 14:5b

Recently I was reminded of how much of our lives are lived with judgment calls.  The fact is, far to much of our lives are lived with judgment calls.  Here are a few examples:

1)  We see a person in line at the grocery store.  They look unkept, sloppy, and even unkind.  We judge them as lazy, without responsibility, and a heathen.  But in reality they have been up all night with a sick neighbor and now they are buying groceries for them.

2) We encounter a person who is so against the gospel.  They are angry and they are even vicious.  We judge them as people who are filled with the Devil.  But in reality they grew up in a home where the gospel was used in a legalistic way and they  where abused in the name of Christ.  The fact is, they are blind and they need to hear the true Gospel.

3)  We encounter our children who seem in the moment so disrespectful.  They seem to disregard everything you are saying.  But in reality they are carrying the weight of what the future holds.  They cannot give attention to you because they are consumed with this weight they are carrying.

At this point I sense what you are thinking, “Stop giving illustrations, I get it already.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, Romans 14 gives us practical advice concerning the subject of judgment calls.  I encourage you to read with great interest the chapter before you.  Look for the following in the chapter:

1.  Illustrations, Vs: 1-12

2.  Instructions, Vs: 1-12

3.  Intention of the Lord,Vs: 13-23

Our Lords intention is for the believer to never become a stumbling block but to walk in love and to build up the family of God.  Paul concludes this text: “Blessed is the one who has no reason to pass judgment on himself for what he approves.”

We must be Christ-centered in our judgment calls.  Much is on the line every moment of our lives.

If you have been making the wrong judgment calls, “repent and focus on Christ.”  If you have been lingering in a judgment call, “cling to Jesus love and you will get through.”  Finally I challenge each of you to leave all judgment to God’s direction.

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