It is what we deserve (Revelation 16)

“For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink.  It is what they deserve.”  Revelation 16:6

This mornings More For Christ readings focus on Revelation 16.  In focus are the 7 bowls of God’s judgment.  I would encourage you to read them carefully.  Here is a summary of what you will find:

1.  Pain, Vs:2; 2.  Pollution of the seas; 3. Pollution of fresh water, Vs: 4; 4. Pain from the sun, Vs:8; 5. Destruction of world government, Vs:10-11; 6. Coming of the battle of all battles, Vs:12-16; 7. The completion of it all, Vs:17-21.

I again plead with you to slowly and with though to read these verses.  As you read them, it is my prayer that you will key in on the depravity of man.  In these verses we see how many is in rebellion against God.  We see how man is blind toward God and we see man receiving what he deserves.

Some would say, “This is all so cruel.”  But I would respond, “The God we serve has been offering man mercy for over 6000 years.  How could we say, “He is cruel.”  The Father sent the Son (John 3:16) do redeem us.  All that God has asked in return is that man would submit to His lordship.  But man has chosen for 6,000 years to reject His love and His leadership.  So there is coming a day when man will get what he deserves.

The bible is clear, “If we reject so great a sacrifice, there is no longer any sacrifice for sin.”

So what is our take away as followers of Christ?

1.  We serve a great God of mercy and grace.  So praise him with all of your might.

2.  Ours is a society of blind rebels.  So proclaim the gospel so the world might come to our great God.

3. Ours is a life of grace.  We do not get what we deserve.  So let us serve him with all of our might.  

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