Who Can Fight Against The Enemy? (Revelation 13)

“Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?” Revelation 13

For some of you the name Lolo Jones does not ring a bell, but for those who watched the Olympics her name stands out.  Lolo participated as a hurdler in this years games.  She finished fourth in her best event.  But this was the not the news I am referring to.  Lolo is a follower of Christ who has found herself in a place of great media craze as she has taken her stand for Christ.  Such media as the New York Times and Sports Illustrated have tried to degrade her stand on sex, moral values, and her stand for Christ.

Certainly Lolo is not alone in her stand.  There are millions of Christians whose daily lives are under the scrutiny of a darkened world and a diabolical enemy.  We see this enemy at work in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

I remind you that this chapter is on the heels of chapter 12 that speaks about our enemy being defeated. Some would consider this chapter to be an oxymoron, but it is not.  In chapter 12 we see and overview of our Sovereign Lord’s control.  Here in chapter 13 we find a description of our enemy. Here is and outline to follow:

1.  Our enemy is formidable, Vs: 1-4

2.  Our enemy is furious, Vs: 5-10

3.  Our enemy is focused, Vs: 11-18

Our enemy has two main ambassadors, “The antichrist and the false prophet.”  Both of these ambassadors have a two-fold Goal:  1) Magnify Satan himself.  2) Establish a one-world government.  As one reads the headlines and follows the trajectory of our world it is easy to see this coming into play.

But we who are followers of Christ find great reason to rejoice and praise our God in this time.  Maybe you ask, “How could you make such a statement?”  The answer is clear.  All that is happening in chapter 13 is by divine permission of God.  We see such descriptions as, “Given authority, It was allowed, and authority was given.”  These are subtile reminders that God is in charge.

Lolo Jones and every Christian who is suffering today can take heart that God is on the throne and he is working everything for his purposes.  Brothers and sisters rest your weary souls in the truth that our God is over all you are facing.  Rejoice in the truth that victory is and will be yours in Christ alone!

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