A Preview Of What Is To Come (Revelation 9)

“The first woe has passed; behold, two woes are still to come,” Rev. 9:12

Last evening I came home after a very long day and just crashed (Not literally) on our downstairs couch.  I reached for the Tv remote and turned on the Tv.  Without even really thinking, I hit the channel guide button.  There before me on the screen were all the present options and all the upcoming options of the programing for the evening.  Also there was a DVR button that allows me to record programs and watch them later.  So my options were many.

This morning, I found myself reading through Revelation 9 in our More For Christ readings.  Here we see a preview of what is to come.  Here is and outline of the text:

1.  Destruction awaits the wicked, Vs: 1-6

The wicked will be tormented (in the Tribulation) for 5 months.  The destruction will be so severe that people will seek to die but they will be unable.  Sadly, they do not realize death will not end the struggle.  Death only is the cross over to eternal punishment.

2.  Description of the wrath of God, Vs: 7-11

We see the creatures God uses for judgment of the nations.  Again this preview is devastating.

3.  The depravity of the wicked, Vs: 12-21

1/3 of all humanity will be destroyed.  But still those who remained would not turn from their wickedness.  They continued to worship false God’s and they continued to carry out their wickedness on the earth.

This very day, I weep as I see the preview of what is to come.  The saddest part for me is in the fact that I cannot change the channel on the future and I cannot alter people’s hearts.  However there is something I can do.  I can praise the Lord that I have been delivered from the wrath to come and I can proclaim the gospel to all I meet.

Brothers and sisters you and I know the preview and we know God’s plan for the future.  We have this day!  Let us make the most of this day.  Do not change the channel in your mind and heart.  Do not put out of your mind the preview you just read.  Do something about it.  Arm yourself with the gospel and go for this is the only moment you and I have.


Let us pray for our missionaries who are on the field.  I encourage each who read this to make plans to spend one week in the next year with a missionary on a foreign field.   We have already placed on our calendars (July 22-31, 2013) for our next Romania trip.

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