Romania day # 7

“All things are possible to those who believe,”  Mk 9:27

Day seven began with our team being blessed with a awesome devotion by brother John Hedburg.  Our team was anxious about ministering to the Gypsies this morning.  Our hearts were so sensitive to God’s ability to save those who are marginalized in this country.

The bus arrived and suddenly the door opened and out jumped all these children who were in excitement about someone caring for them.  Our team reached out with the love of Christ.  Suddenly I saw our teenagers sitting in the midst of the children.  This day Lynn L. presented the bible study.  Her teaching  was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Rebecca came next and again we saw filling of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the morning we ministered with even the preacher playing soccer.  The day was heartbreaking as we tried to provide shoes for the children.  The ladies and brother Mark cleaned their feet and bandaged their wombs.  Tears were flowing because some of the children were wearing plastic boots that were left from winter.  From that moment on the team will never be the same (May we discover the joy of sacrificing so that others may have the gospel).

The ladies bible study was once again filled to capacity.  The night is now at hand (9:07) and tomorrow we do it again.  Thank you for your prayers.

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