More To The Story

“And so the Lord touched the king, so that he was a leper to the day of his death.”  II Kings 15:5

How often have I been taken in by one of my children’s pleas for help in getting out of punishment for something they said they did not do.  I learned very early on that there was always and I mean always “More To The Story.”

This mornings, More For Christ readings come from Luke 20:1-19.  I encourage you to read the passage and discover Jesus answer to his critics.  But I also want you to consider II Kings 15:1-7.

This chapter was part of my personal reading this morning and I could not help but write about it today.  I and II Kings give us the overview of the kings of Israel and Judah.  Often as I read these chapters I find myself saying, “there is more to the story.”  When I do, I find myself searching the cross references which always lead to I and II Chronicles.  These two books give us intimate details of the king’s life.  Such is the case of II Chronicles 26.

The chapter begins with a listing of a king by the name of Uzzaiah who actually is also called Amaziah.  This king was blessed by God because he chose to seek the lord (Vs:5) but as soon as he was powerful, he chose to allow pride to creep into his life and God struck him with leprosy.  From this moment he had no fellowship in God’s house and he had no fellowship with God’s people.

Pride always has a way of severing us from the two most important things in our faith.  But often we cover up the pride with blame for others or bitterness toward God.  We consider ourselves right in all situations and no one is as worthy as we are.  Pride is always an obstacle to true gospel growth.

We see many examples of prideful men in the New Testament.  Such men as Peter and Paul stand out.  But when God broke these men, they became great humble servants.  Here is what they wrote, “For when I am weak I am strong, His strength is made perfect in my weakness,” II Cor. 12:10.  “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God and he will lift you up.”  I Peter 5:6

This morning, I ask, “What is going on in your life?”  Could it be that there is more to the story than you want to admit?  Maybe you are struggling like Uzzaiah in the Old Testament.  If you are, I plead with you to confess the pride in your life.  You may not realize it but the leprosy of pride is keeping you from true relationships that are meant to grow deep in the Lord.

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