A Tough Road Ahead

“And when he had said these things, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.”  Luke 19:28

Question, “What does this week look like for you?” Often Mondays is the day when people look at their upcoming week and they cringe or they seek to get away from what is ahead.  But often, people have to face the week and ultimately they fail to enjoy the week because of all the anxiety before them.

Consider our More For Christ readings, Luke 19:28-48.  The cross was before Jesus as he came to Jerusalem.  As Jesus made his way on this road that had been marked with suffering, we find the greatest suffering still in front of him.  I want you to consider three scenes:

1.  The temporal blessing from the crowd

Here we find people rejoicing at Christ entry into the city.  It’s seems as if everyone is for this king.  But very soon (Within days) popular opinion would change and this crowd would proclaim, “We have no king but Caesar.”

2.  The tender brokenness of Christ

Here we find Jesus looking over the city.  His understanding of what was ahead for these people brought him to tears.  These people would turn away from Jesus and they would embrace a religious system that was locked arm in arm with the political wheel of the day. This would cost them greatly as their city would be destroyed time after time because they followed the wrong king.

3.  The task before Christ

As I read this text I am amazed at how Christ maintained his witness and how Christ fulfilled his work.  The task before Jesus was one of defeated sin and death on the cross.  Jesus was faithful to his task.

This morning we find great application for our lives in the tough road ahead.  We first must remember friendships at best are short-lived.  Many people will bail in hard times, but we can be assured that Christ is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  We secondly are reminded that all that happens this week is only temporary because Christ is coming again and all we have here will be lost.  Finally we see our task of living for Jesus in this world and our work is to spread the message of the gospel.

May we find grace in this day to follow Christ example.

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