On The Way To?

“On the way to Jerusalem he was passing along between Samaria and Galilee.”  Luke 17:11.”

Every day it is the same, “A calendar filled with activity.”  Daily people arise to look at their iPhone calendar’s that have a host of blue dots on each day.  First there is getting the kids to school, on time hopefully.  Then there is the 8:30 meeting with one of your clients. You have to hurry because at 10 Am you have to be across town to meet with another client.  By now you are trying to land the big one, but in the back of your mind is the 12 o-clock lunch meeting with your boss when he is going to look over your production reports.  You hope it goes well.  As you sit there, you cannot enjoy the meal because, at three you have a conference call with a client that is very disgruntled.  Finally you hang up the phone and it is 4:45 pm and you have to be at the soccer game by 6 pm. And by the way it is rush hour traffic.  You arrive at the game at 6:15 Pm and your son has just kicked his first ever goal and you missed it.  As you wife tells you about it, you have to hear from Mr. so and so who is retired and has much to say.  The game is over by 7:30.  Now it is time to get the kids dinner and then baths and off to bed.  To your shock it is now 11 Pm and you have to be up at five.

Question, “Where did the day go?”  Also, “What time did you have to spend with God.”  This morning’s more for Christ readings, Lk. 17:11-37 reminds us of our Lord’s mercy and His soon return. Our scripture begins with the story of 10 lepers who come to Jesus.  As we read this story we discover two things:

1. God’s mercy on display, Vs: 11-19

Here we see 10 men who had leprosy (a picture of sin in the bible). They cry out to Jesus for mercy and Jesus heals them.

2.  God’s mercy is distinguished by only one out of ten, Vs: 11-19

Only one leper returns to give praise to God.  Question, “do we who have been cleansed by Jesus stay so busy that we forget his mercy to us?”  We once again need to slow down and distinguish his mercy to us.

The second part of our scriptural text reminds us of our Lord’s return:

1.  We are reminded of Jesus first coming, Vs: 22-26

When Christ came the first time there was no fanfare.  When he came it was for the purpose of purchasing our forgiveness.  Once this work was completed he returned to heaven.

2.  We are reminded of Jesus second-coming, Vs: 27-37

When our Lord returns it will be both sudden and a shock to many.  There will be those who will face severe punished for their refusal to follow Christ.  For others, they will experience the mercy of God.

These two texts remind me to never allow my earthly calendar to dictate my life work.  I am a recipient of God’s mercy.  I must praise him every day and I must tell others of him every day.  I am also going to meet him very soon.  I do not want my calendar to reflect a life that does not expect to meet Jesus.

Lord, we are on the way (By your mercy) and we will soon meet you.  When we do and entrance will be given to us into heaven.  I praise you this day and I plan this day according to your purposes for my life, for your glory.”  


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