Debating The Sabbath

And Jesus said to them, ‘I ask you, is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or destroy life?” Luke 6:9

Recently I had a very interesting conversation with a person who was working through (in their mind) the importance of Sunday worship.  This person had some very compelling reasons why they were not attending church.  Their reasons ranged from, “I have family to take care of and I have no other time to do work at home because I work 50-6o hours per week.”  Everything this person said was true and everything this guy was going through was true.

Here was my question in response, “Do you think God would place requirements on your life that are not valuable to you?”  This morning we discover in our More For Christ readings, Luke 6:1-19, a debate between Jesus and those who had placed requirements on the Sabbath.  These requirements were hindering the true purpose of the Sabbath.

As we follow Luke’s narrative we discover Jesus rationale in this debate:

1.  Jesus debated from the rationale of the Lord’s day being for our nourishment Vs: 1-6

2.  Jesus debated from the rationale of the Lord’s day being for our greatest needs, Vs: 7-11

As we read these verses we discover that Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.  We are nourished as we worship the Lord.  We are nourished as we read and are taught his word.  We see needs being met as we work together in his family for his glory.

Brothers and sisters, there is no debate when it comes to the Lord’s day.  One cannot gain what we gain in Christ anywhere else.  No radio program. internet podcast, or Tv ministry can replace or come close to the value of our presence in God’s house on the Lord’s day.

I challenge you to lead the way by being faithful in your worship every week.  I challenge you to be faithful in your work with your church every week.  This is God church and we are His body.

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