Our True Calling

“For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you and example, so that you might follow his steps,” I Peter 2:21.

Last week the church world lost, in my opinion, a great Christian brother and ambassador for Christ.  Chuck Colson passed away at the age of eighty.  Chuck was known for his Water-gate dealings in the early 1970’s.  It would be in prison that Chuck would hear the call of God for salvation and for service.  It was there in prison where his true calling came through.  Here is what he often said about this experience, “It was in prison where I finally understand what God required of my life.  I would not trade my jail experience.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, some would say Chuck’s experience is what Peter is making reference to in our More For Christ readings, I Peter 2:18-3:12.  However, I would beg to differ.  Certainly Peter’s readers were facing hard times, persecution for their faith.  But they were not in sin.  It was sin that caused Chuck to be in prison.  Yes God did use this for his glory in getting Chuck’s attention.  But the suffering Peter is writing about is the suffering experienced by those who are following their true calling.

James McDonald put it this way; “Some suffer as the consequences of their sins while others suffer in their calling.”  This very day I want you to know that Jesus identifies with those who are suffering in their calling.  Jesus came to be the light in a dark world.  Men loved the darkness so they struck out against the light (John 3:19).  If you are walking in the light, take heart because what you are facing is all apart of this journey.  This very moment God is positing you to bring glory to Him in your suffering.  So rejoice for your redemption is drawing nigh.

This very day Jesus identifies with those of you who are suffering the consequences of your sin.  How does he identify with you?  “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness.”  I Peter 2:24. Jesus suffered for your sin and mine.  This day I challenge you to die to sin.  May there be no more reason for consequences for sin.  This day live in righteousness.  Have joy in knowing you are following your true calling.

Chuck Colson went on to found Prison Fellowship which reaches into countless prisons to share the gospel.  This was his true calling. Today you have a true calling.  Follow Christ and you will be able to see your life turn into a trophy of his grace.

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