In Step With The Word

Day after day I was with you in the temple, teaching and you did not seize me, But let the scripture be fulfilled.” Mark 14:49

I can still remember the struggle I had with trying to be in step with my dad as he took me hunting when I was a little boy.  My Dad seemed like such a giant of a man (Through a little boys eyes).  He towered over me as we walked up the hill to the place where we were to hunt.  My dad instructed me to walk where he walked so that we could make as little noise as possible.  He walked with such ease and precision but it was not the case with me. I almost had to jump from step to step.  I found myself missing where he stepped and would break sticks and fall on rocks.  Finally my dad realized after I alerted everything in the forest of our presence that he would have to take smaller steps so that I could be in step with him.

This morning we see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ walking in large steps.  His Father, before time began determined the only way man could be redeemed was through His Only Son.  Now in the fullness of time Jesus has come and truly He is in step with the word.

Our More For Christ readings, Mark 14:43-65, give us a wonderful viewpoint from the grandstand of scripture concerning each step Jesus took in obedience to the word.  Notice Vs:43-50 as Jesus submits to the word.  This passage is alive with stress as we see both a betrayer and his soldiers and a bruiser and his sword.  Both these men are carrying out what is in their hearts.  Judas is betraying Jesus into the hands of the High Priests soldiers.  Peter is a bruiser who cuts off the ear of one of the soldiers.  He is willing to die with Jesus.  Wow, what a scene.  But in the midst of this scene we see the settled calmness of Jesus in taking the right step, “Let the word be fulfilled.”

Question, “Is your life in step with the word?”  Maybe your response is, “I am trying, but the steps seem harder and harder.”  Brothers and sisters I can identify and more importantly Jesus can identify.  As you trace His steps in Mark 14 you find each step harder, but with each step Jesus continues to have the resolve that he knows where the steps will lead.

Here is what Jesus said, “And Jesus said, ‘I am, and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.'”  Jesus is so in step with the word that He knows the end from the beginning.  His confidence in the end gives him the settled peace that is needed for the moment of great trial.

This morning, I challenge you to look to Christ who is both the author and finisher of our faith.  I challenge you to have a settled conviction that God’s word is true and in the end you will be a victor in and through Christ alone.

For further reading check out II Corinthians 4:16-18.  

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