The Most Important Things

“And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, he asked him, “What commandment is the most important of all?”  Mk 12:28

Every day we are faced with decisions about what we do with our day.  In my house, I have a wonderful wife we often will ask, just before we go to sleep, “What are you plans for tomorrow?”  In that moment, before I loose conscience from exhaustion, I chose to either ask God or I chose to decide for myself.

This mornings More For Christ readings, Mk 12:28-44, places us in this very scene as a man who was charged with interpreting the law asks Jesus a question.  He wanted to know what was of most important in our daily lives.  Jesus response is amazing.  Here is His response:

1)  Every day we are to love the one true God (Vs: 29-30).

How are we to accomplish this? We are to love God with our emotions (Heart).  We are to love God with our soul (Immaterial part).  We are to love God with our minds (Our intellect).  We are to love God with our strength (Our greatest and total effort).

As I read this for maybe the 1000 time, I found myself grasping the depths of Jesus words.  Every day I am to invest myself in loving God because it is the most important thing I can do.  This will determine how I live each day.

2)  Every day we are to love those in the world (Vs: 31).

     Jesus here identifies these people as our neighbors.  As we focus our energies on loving God we naturally are filled with his love so that we can now love others as he loves others, John 3:16.

In this moment I am amazed at the scribes response, “this is much more important than all the sacrifices we offer.”  How true this is.  He got it right.  We can serve, sacrifice, and scream out in defense of God.  But still not be right with God.

In this moment I am also amazed at Jesus response, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.”  Here we discover truth at its deepest point. “All this man needed to be able to do these most important things was to be born again.”

The reality of this should alter how we deal with people in the church who seem to not be focused on the most important things.  Here we discover a man with the scripture who was  void of power to carry out the scripture.  This man was close but could not do it on his own.

I wonder, “Did he do the most important things?”  The scripture only offers this commentary, “All questions ceased.”  Did he not want to know more? Did he respond in obedience to Christ?  In my opinion, I think not because the next verses teach us about how the leaders could not accept that they needed to be born again.

This morning, I must ask, “Are you doing the most important things?”  If so, “Praise Him because you could not do them on your own!”  If not, “Either you are not born again or you are choosing to live as if you are not born again?”  Come to Jesus.


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