The One Who Serves

“And Jesus said to him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?'”  Mk. 10:51

As I write this bog I am listening (In the back ground) to a pastor of my childhood, Dr. Adrian Rodgers. He is speaking about the power of Kingdom Authority.  In this message he is speaking of how that God’s children who are God’s Kings and Priest will be servants.

This is exactly what Jesus is modeling for us in our More For Christ readings which come from Mk 10:46-52.  In this encounter we see Jesus as the one who serves.  I confess I don’t see myself as one who serves nearly enough.  Notice Mark’s progression:

1) Mark identifies: “a man of sorrows,”

Here we see a blind beggar who sits by the road.  I can greatly identify with this life as I was born as a sinner in darkness.   I too am a man of sorrows because of sin.

2) Mark identifies: “The Man of Sorrows,”

Here we see Jesus being identified as, “Jesus of Nazareth,” and “Son of David.”  Jesus is his humanity came to this world to be identified with us.  This blind man realized this is the one the world had been looking for.

3)  Mark identifies: “The moment of Sorrow,”

Here we discover the silent majority saying, “Be quiet.”  In this moment would this man of sorrow listen to the crowd or will he cry out to The Man of Sorrow.  Praise God, he cries out!!!  In the moment the Lord calls him.

4)  Mark identifies: “The magnitude of success,”

Here we find a man who humbles himself before the Man of Sorrows, he cries out in admittance that He could not help himself and He was with all of his heart placing his faith in the power of the Man of Sorrows to bring Him to the light.  In this moment Jesus says, “Go your way, your faith has made you well.”  Wow!!  Oh what a Savior, the one who serves.

This very day, I find great challenge in knowing that the one who serves has called me to serve.  As a man of sorrows I am to tell men of sorrow about The Man of Sorrow who brings success to all who come to Him in obedience.

Wow!!!  Let’s get busy in God’s work.

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