The Tragic Error of “Supposing”

“Now when the south wind blew gently, supposing that they had obtained their purpose, they weighed anchor and sailed along Crete, close to the shore.  But soon…” Acts 27:13-14a

There are those moments in life when we are absolutely sure of our decisions.  But we are later to discover our surety was really just “Supposing.”  I can imagine the quarterback of the Denver Bronco’s, Tim Tebow is facing this as he supposed he was the number one guy until Peyton Manning became available.

The owners of the ship Paul was traveling in (Acts 27:13-38) were sure that they had made the right decision about travelling this close to winter.  At first it seemed as if they had made the right decision, but soon they changed their minds.

As I read this passage I was amazed at how often people end up in great storms because they suppose instead of seeking God in their choices in life.  The fact is, these people would not listen to the voice of reason because they had made up their minds.  Again they supposed they were right.

Question, “Is there some decision you are supposing today?”  Maybe it is with finances or with your future.  Is it really wise to make such decisions all by yourself?

The text before us clearly states, “All hope of being saved was abandoned.”  This group of supposers were going down.  But notice what happened, “Take heart for there will not be any loss of life among you.”  In the midst of this storm, God gives grace.  Because Paul was onboard the Lord would give grace to all who were with him.

I wonder, “Do you see the greatness in this example?”  I see a picture of the reality that because of Christ being in our lives we receive grace when we should have received judgment.  Because Paul was on board these people knew what to do and they would be given a second chance.

Oh my friend this is exactly what happens in the life of the Child of God.  Oh how often we have lived with supposing when we should have lived in dependence on God.  This day I pleaded with our Lord to help me to not only seek to know His will but that I would submit to His will.

I truly believe there are people who will read this blog who are living their lives with storm after storm simply because they have a supposing mentality instead of a seeking mentality.  May you and I come to the place that we seek God’s will instead of supposing God’s will.

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