A Tale Of Two Different Men

Now when Simon saw that the Spirit…” Acts 8:18.  “Now an angel of the Lord said to Phillip…” Acts 8:26.

The facts are clear, “No two people are alike.”  This is true in family and this is true in friendships.  However is this the case within the family of God?  From our scripture reading for today, Acts 8:14-40, it might seem this way.

The first man mentioned in our text is Simon who had made a profession of faith, Acts 8:9-14.  But now our text seems to indicate that something has come into his heart that has caused him to act differently.

The second  man mentioned in our text is Phillip who was a deacon/evangelist, Acts 6, in the church.  Here is a guy who acts totally different.  He responds to the Spirit’s leading and He reaches out with the gospel.

The question that bears asking is this: “What made the difference in these two men?”  Now before we answer this question, we must ask, “What makes the difference in people at your church and at my church?’  Could it possible be our different personalities or could it be our different upbringings?  Certainly these things contribute to our development of personality.  But the bottom line is simply this, “It is Christ who makes the difference.”

The fact is Simon was not a true follower of Christ.  Phillip was a true follower of Christ.  People who are true followers of Christ have characteristics that are the same because they are being filled with the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.

This day, if you find yourself feeling as if you are different from those around you?  I encourage you to take inventory from scripture.  Is the difference “Christ in you the hope of glory?”  Or is the difference, you in you.  God’s goal is not that you would look different, but that you would have Christ formed in you, Gal. 4:20.

As you approach Sunday, may Christ be formed in you.  I am praying for you.

For further study consider Galatians 4-5.  For a character study consider the difference between King Saul and King David in I Samuel 9-17.  

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