“Hear These Words”

“Men of Israel, hear these words…” Acts 2:22

Today, people do not begin conversations with, “hear these words.”  Nor do those who proclaim God’s word begin with, “Hear these words.”  There are many reasons for this, but one thing is for certain.  In Peter’s day, Acts 2:22-47, this was the correct way to get someone’s attention.  Oh how things have changed.

Today, pastors are looking for catchy stories or some prop to get people’s attention.  I wonder what would happen if all pastors began their message, this week with, “Hear these words.”  Before we drill any deeper let’s back out a little and ask ourselves a very important question, “What words are we about to hear?”

When Peter spoke, the words he shared were the facts about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Peter was an eyewitness to these events.  Peter also chose to quote from David in Psalm 16. Here David speaks of the coming of the Messiah.

Today, we have no one alive who was an eye-witness to these events.  However, we do have the trustworthy written word (II Peter 1:20-21) that guides us in all truth.  So if pastors, teachers, moms, dads, singles, and teenagers want to make an eternal difference they must know what these words are.

Consider how Peter was faithful to God’s word.  When the people heard God’s word, “They were cut to the heart and asked, ‘What should we do?”  Oh dear brother and sister, if you are looking for the right words to say to someone you care about?  Share with them the Word Of God.  I encourage you to memorize it, meditate upon it, and share it with those around you.

This day I challenge those who do not believe this is the best way to share Christ. Consider what happened in Acts 2.  3,000 people responded to the Word Of God.  This same Word has the same amount of power this very day!!!

For those who have not tried this, consider all the words you have used to try to help those around you.  I have found that only the word of God can soften and reshape a heart of stone.  Take in His word and Take His word to others.

For further study, consider Romans 10:1-17; II Timothy 4:1-5, Hebrews 10:25


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