In The Hands Of Sinners

“And they bound him and led him away and delivered him over to Pilate the governor.”  Matthew 27:2

Last evening I had the honor of leading 20 guys in Bible Study in my home.  In the midst of our study someone said, “We must allow the just judge to judge.”  This brother was making reference to Jesus Christ who alone is just and who alone gives just judgment.

Here in Matthew 27:1-26, Jesus is just a few hours from the cross.  On the cross Jesus would be judged in our place.

The scene in Matthew 27 is a scene where our just Savior stands before unjust sinners.  As Jesus stands before these sinners (They determine what is the quickest way to have him exterminated).  So they turn Him over to the Roman authority.

Matthew gives us a sidebar note as we read, Vs:3-10.  Here we see Judas’ remorse for in his own words, “Betraying innocent blood.”  Judas goes out and hangs himself because a man who only has remorse does not know how to repent.  Judas is trying to get away from his agony.

Matthew leaves us to contemplate this scene as he returns to Jesus in the hands of sinners.  Vs: 11-23 remind us of the hardness of sinners as we see Pilate amazed at Jesus but he will not admit that Jesus is the Christ.  The crowds are so hardened that they ask for a sinner to be released and that our Savior should be crucified.

In this moment I am reminded that sinners do what they do because they are unjust judges.  Pilate tried, Vs: 24-26, to absolve himself from any guilt but he could not.  The fact is we are all unjust judges.  We are all sinners under the wrath of God.  Everyone participated in the death of Christ.  My sins cried out, “Crucify Him!”

This very morning I praise our risen Lord for being willing to be given into the hands of sinners.  My redemption was secured by Jesus Christ.  This very morning I praise him for His salvation.  This very morning I await with confidence the day I stand before Him.  He is a just judge.

Certainly all who read this today live in a society that is filled with unjust judges.  They work with us, they shop with us, they play sports with us, and they even live with us.  Bottom line, “This is us!”  Our task is to model Christ’s life.  We must entrust ourselves to a just judge and we must emulate  his life before this world.  Only as the world sees Christ will they see their need of Christ.

For further study consider Max Lucado andRandy Frazee new book, “The Story,” which teaches you the seamless story of the gospel. 


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