Something Is Different

“And when the demon-oppressed man who was mute was brought to him.  And when the demon had been cast out, the mute man spoke.  The crowds marveled, saying, “Never was anything like this seen in Israel.”  Matthew 9:33

It seems strange to me, but there are times when people will come up to me and they will ask a silly question.  This question usually always comes when I am in some type of clothing store.  Here is the question, “Do you work here?”  I often wonder, “Is it because I look like I want to help or is it some other reason?”

This morning I truly believe the crowds who followed Jesus, Matthew 9:14-34, saw and heard something different from anything they had ever heard before.  I encourage you to open your bible and follow me through each scene in this text.

First stop, the disciples of John saw a difference (9:14-17).  These disciples could not understand why Jesus and his disciples did not fast as they did.  Here was what was different, “Jesus was in their midst.  They did not need to fast.  This was a new day.”  Second stop, a woman and little girl are healed (9:18-26).  What was different here?  Both disease and death were no match for Jesus.  Third stop, two bind men are healed (9:27-31).  What is the difference here?  Darkness is no match for Jesus.  Last stop, a mute man is healed (9:32-34).  What is the difference? No affliction is beyond the ability of Christ to heal.

Brothers and sisters, it is clear, there was and is something different about Jesus.  But is there anything different about you and I?  Consider the following; “We can, because of Christ, live the Christ life.  We can overcome all of our flaws because we are new creations in Christ.”

Lets examine a few examples:  “Our spiritual diseases can be removed.”  Anger can be conquered as we submit to Christ.  Insecurity can be conquered as we rest in the sufficiency of Christ.  “The spiritual dark spots can be removed.”  We must place all of our lives before His light.  Darkness cannot co-exist where light resides.   Finally, “Spiritual ignorance can be replaced.”  As we cry out to God he opens our minds and hearts to his truth.

This morning I cried out to God, “Make me different so that I can be a trophy of your grace.  This way, the word we see you.  When the world sees you, I know they will see something different.”

Brothers and sisters take heart.  Our God wants to make you different.  All it takes on your part is simply a surrender of your life totally into His hands.

For further Study, read I Corinthians 12.  Also consider reading “Jesus plus nothing equals everything,” by Tullian Tchividjian.  

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