The Souls Of Men

“Let him know that whoever brings a sinner back from his wandering will save a soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.”  James 5:20

Yesterday I had an opportunity to meet a young man in his twenties.  He was sitting in the booth behind me at lunch.  Keith had just left to go to work and I was finishing up my last bite of food when the young man commented about a football player being interviewed on ESPN.  I turned around and made eye contact with a young man who was full of life, hope, and dreams.  Our conversation began with where he was from and continued with where he was headed.  Finally the conversation turned to things of eternity.  Here was his confession, “I am a Jew who attends synagogue worship on high days.  But I confess that I do not faithfully attend.”  He went on to say, “He believed many religions were wonderful and he supported them all.”

In this moment, my heart sunk because here was a wonderful young man who was doing what James described, “a person who is wandering.”  My heart sunk even lower as I found myself, pushed for time because I had a hospital visit to make.  I left this young man with the following words, “I thank you for it was through your people that our Messiah came.  Please allow me to help you in any way I can on your journey.”

I don’t know how God will use this encounter, but I pray He will use it to open the door for the gospel.  The fact is, I believe every day is ordered by God with the intention of bringing glory to Him.

I want to challenge every follower of Christ to do the following as we approach the day we celebrate the coming of our Savior:  1) Brush up on your knowledge of the Gospel.  Spend time reading through Romans and spend time reciting a gospel presentation.  2) Ask the Lord to give you opportunity to share the gospel.  In this busy season there are many who will be willing to spend a few moments with a kind person who is filled with the love of Christ.  3) Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Divine appointments could be before you this very day.  4)  Celebrate Christ with brothers and sisters in Christ.  Many in the family of God are discouraged this season.  As you celebrate Christ, they will be encouraged as they look to the God of hope.


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