It’s Time to Stop What We Are Doing!!!

And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord, you shall sacrifice it so that you may be accepted.”  Leviticus 22:29

This morning I found myself walking through what some would say are, of little value, chapters in the bible, Leviticus 21-22.  These two chapters detail for us the regulations for the priest who serve the Lord.  In these chapters the priest are divided into two groups.  Those who had no handicaps and those who did.  Those who did could still serve but they were forbidden to offer sacrifice.  In this we see a picture of our Great High Priest who alone is able to offer a sacrifice to God.

In these chapters we also find the reality that God does accept sacrifice.  We see this in the sacrifice of animals who were, “Without blemish.”  This morning I found myself challenged to make sure that what I offer to God would be without the blemish of less than the best.

So often I offer to God less than my best.  I often find myself failing to stop what I am doing when I offer a sacrifice of praise, prayer, or even work.  This day the Lord challenged me to stop what I am doing and give Him my undivided attention as I praise Him.

And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy,” Psalm 107:22.

This day, I offer Him praise for His mighty deeds.  This day, I refuse to ask for anything because I have already been given so much.  This day, I stop and lift up His praise for an extended period of time.  You, Lord have sustained me in every season of life.  You, Lord have strengthened me when there was no hope of strength.  You, Lord have lifted me up out of the clutches of the enemy.  You, Lord have made me a man without spot through the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ.  You, Lord are preparing a place for your saints in heaven.  How could I do anything less than praise your name.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, It’s time to stop what you are doing.  Praise Him and I promise you that your present trials will cease to be so frightful to you in the presence of our Lord.

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