What Really Counts

“In vain you have used many medicines; there is no healing for you,” Jeremiah 46:11b.  These words were spoken by Jeremiah to the nation of Egypt.  God would judge this nation for her futile and useless attempts to serve other God’s.  It was as if they were going to a spiritual doctor and every God they were told to try, turned out to be useless.  The nation had invested it energies into serving what could not heal them.

This morning, I had the honor of sharing the message of the gospel with around 100 children at our mission VBS.  As I sat on the stage and proclaimed the gospel, my heart overflowed and my eyes filled with tears as I thought about what really counted.  These children, even though impoverished, have dreams of making it big in the world.  However, today they heard about what really counts which is the gospel.  Many of those children listened and heard the gospel for the first time.

My interpreter was so moved that she could barely translate.  The work of the Holy Spirit was so clear.  Our team had prepared to have a game with the preschool children who had been rough during the bible time.  But when God moved in they all became quiet.  God’s presence always comes with God’s power.  We could see conviction and we could see God’s work of regeneration in their lives.  Several of the children began to wipe their eyes and we could see God’s hand.

Now is the time for all believers to start to do what counts in the day.  We need men and women to volunteer to come and disciple and to help establish a church.  A bus needs to be purchased so the children can be hauled to church.  We need believers to awaken to what really counts.

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